Reporting to the CFO we look* and act like client employees and assume responsiblity for all facets of the Client’s global risk and insurance program. (*client email and phone)

  • Manage the executive, umbrella, property, liability and international insurance programs including renewals, gathering underwriting information, and identifying risk exposures to the Client. This includes insurance broker and insurance carrier supervision.
    • Assess the ability of the existing risk management program to respond effectively to exposures and recommend improvements, where possible.
    • Monitor and direct services provided by brokers and other external service providers.
    • Gather data and prepare insurance applications and underwriting submissions.
    • Respond to underwriters’ questions to clarify materials submitted.
    • Develop and retain vital information concerning Client’s Risk Management consistent with the current structure and regulatory requirements.
    • Develop and maintain historical Client exposure information.
    • Negotiate insurance placements.
    • Check accuracy of insurance policies and process premium payments.
    • Coordinate internal and external audits of insurance programs.
  • Coordinate all risk and insurance needs and requirements for the Client’s operating units.
  • Serve as resource to Finance, Legal, and other Client department and business unit managers and personnel, as appropriate:
    • Promote understanding and appreciation of risk management issues and procedures;
    • Serve as a resource to others in the resolution of insurance and risk management issues.
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of the latest insurance industry developments and risk mitigation techniques.


Pre Renewal

  1. Manage all relevant communications – (email, phone etc. and in person when appropriate) among client, broker and underwriters.  This includes keeping up-to-date all client divisional contact information for data holders from previous years renewal.
  2. Evaluate market landscape and develop renewal strategy.
  3. Discuss renewal strategy with senior management and implement as agreed.

Post Renewal:

  1. Administer insurance policy documentation
    • Assure:
      – Changes in terms, conditions and policy endorsements are documented and filed.
      – Policies are received in a reasonably timely fashion.
    • Manage, create and/or update XLS spread sheets (or other equivalent info mgmt. systems) of policies and costs.
    • Prepare Client internal renewal approval forms for binding of policies.
  2. Monitor and coordinate compliance with insurance company Loss Prevention recommendations.
  3. Manage insurance premium cost allocations to operating units.

We endeavor to resolve all matters to the satisfaction of the Client corporate office while giving due consideration to operating units concerns. For disputes, we communicate and manage implementation of corporate office decisions.

We provide the above services on an as-needed basis, less than full time and both on-site and remotely.  Compensation is a monthly retainer adjusted regularly on a pro-rata basis.