We assisted private equity firms restructure ownership and organization to extract greater value for stakeholders (including dividend recapitalization) from a $2b 40 year old public corporation .  We continued as part time outsourced Risk Manager (RM) for several of the spin offs.  see “Outsourced RM”

Result:  A revitalized and more competitive business.

This also included managing consolidation of Marsh, Willis and other global programs through competitive broker bid requests for proposals.


Establish and execute protocols for:

  • Unwinding 25 year old Captive Insurer relationship and auditing of 7 year dividend disbursement.
  • Risk and Insurance transition of spinoffs (including the exposures of a food supplements operating unit) – sometimes a co-broker arrangement with combination of consulting fee and broker commission compensation.
  • Settlement of $17m fire and time element business interruption insured loss for multiple level marketing highly protected manufacturing risk (HPR occupancy) – complicated by recalled automatic sprinklers.
  • Managing numerous D/O & other lawsuit responses under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, unfair trade practices, director breach of fiduciary duties and products liability lawsuits
  • Simplification of Public Company Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank and other relevant compliance processes significantly reducing business control expenses.
  • Transition from US to European centric products risk and insurance management.
  • Realign products lines so exposures and risks are balanced and risk management costs are controlled – nutraceutical spinoff.
  • Separation of risk and insurance management programs for spinoffs resulting in more cost effective and focused protection.