We assist client by fulfilling the role of Outsourced Risk Manager/Safety Director whose mission is to reduce accidents, injuries and associated costs.


Two Phases lasting 8-10 months with strategy outlined below. 1st phase includes integration of WA and client to determine the effectiveness of this new business relationship, utility of resources and organizational attributes contributing to the strategy.

1st Phase (estimate 3 months)
  • Communicate costs of accidents and develop the process for such regular communications to all managers in client’s organization.
  • Simultaneously develop understanding of client’s management, key personnel and organizational structure and culture. This would likely include meetings with several key regional managers and warehouse managers.
2nd Phase (estimate 5-7 months):  Full implementation of the three components of following strategy:
  1. Communications includes management’s safety philosophy, financial (including costs of accidents) measures, follow up processes and incentive systems.
  2. Organizational Cultural Adaptation includes the underling message of all management/human relations activities for safety and reduction of number and costs of accidents. This would include multiple meetings with all key personnel not included in phase 1 above to enhance business understanding in great detail from all warehouse managers and their senior management, possibly the management committee, and all regional directors and spending time with a representative sample of drivers in their vehicles.
  3. Resource development:
  • Internal:
    • Key management personnel who agree to take an extra ordinary leadership role in the cultural adaptation. This is likely to include warehouse and regional managers as well as other client managers.
  • External:
    • Includes all business units and insurance broker and possibly specialist vendors and includes Safety, Training, HR, Legal, and Claims functions at each.

The objective of the 2nd phase is to develop safety programs that touch on targeted aspects of client’s operations as outlined in the attached suggested template.

Initial aspects of such programs, (more to be developed):

  • Management Support and Communications (2-way)
    • Media Diversity
    • Cultural Adaptation
  • Training: On Board / In-Service
    • Accident Investigation
  • Distribution / Materials Handling
    • Machine Guarding
    • Protection Equipment
    • Forklift/Industrial Truck Management, Maintenance & Operation
    • Ladder Safety
    • Ergonomics
    • Warehouse Management
      • Traffic Routes
      • Lighting
      • Racking/Stacking Policy/Procedures
  • Vehicle Safety
    • Cargo Handling and Restraint
    • Equipment Management, Maintenance & Operation
    • Routes and Schedules
    • Driver Management
      • Screening
      • Supervision
    • Vehicle Tracking
  • Cost Reduction – Administrative – Claims
    • Cost Allocation
    • Review & Audit
    • Inventory Workout (Claims)
    • Incentive Systems