Our mission is to assist our clients’ business in as many ways as possible to cope with the “risks of doing business.”  We help our clients manage their risk while helping to protect and grow their business. We are the business advisor for, business owners, professional service firms,  Small Cap and Mid Cap CEO’s, Boards of Directors, CFO’s and HR Directors who want to control or reduce cost of Risk Management and Insurance.

We help anticipate and manage risk, including catastrophic risk and manage the mitigation and transfer processes.

We help sort through all the complexities of risk management and transfer programs, including but not limited to:

  • Crisis Management
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Contingency Planning, and
  • Business Interruption
  • Reputational risk
  • Enterprise Risk Management SOX compliance
  • Cyberisk Privacy and Security
    • Technology Errors & Omissions
    • Data Breach, Extortion, Hacker Damage, etc
  • Risk Transfer & Provider Compensation Review
    • Assure financial incentives are effective
    • Evaluate 3rd party administrators, wholesalers, and intermediaries
  • Policy Review
    • Property/Casualty
    • Professional Liability
    • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
    • Cyber & Network Security
  • Employee Health and Welfare program review
  • Property and Casualty Claims Management
  • Mediation with Insurers and Brokers
  • Litigation law firm advisor

Wiebe Associates serves as our clients’ business advisor and sometimes outsourced Risk Manager in the above and related programs.

Our clients’ business best interest is our core principle.  This is our passion.

Our clients are carefully selected to assure we can assist in achieving their goals.   If we don’t know how to help, as an advisor we will make introductions to others who can help.  Our business is successful and grows because of client referrals so our clients’ satisfaction is paramount.

We enhance or augment and supplement existing in-house Risk Management expertise.   We have experience in the application of Classic Risk Management principles to diverse operations and complex corporate governance.  Additionally we bring a fresh perspective and deep experience to risk analysis and crisis planning.   We have access to an extensive network of specialized expert resources on a sub contractor basis where appropriate.

We also assist with oversight of internal operations to assure that complicated financial transactions with service providers are simplified when communicated within our clients’ organization.  We design and implement Risk Management Processes that are consistent with good corporate governance procedures and practices